5 Great Reasons

We provide the healthy choice off the marketing menu.

Here’s 5 healthy reasons to work with SMP


Strategic Media Partners’ clients really know their business.  Strategic Media Partners knows marketing and advertising.  Our clients work with us to gain access to and benefit from the years of experience in and accumulation of knowledge of the media landscape.  This leads to a better outcome for our clients’ marketing and adverting endeavors.  Don’t leave your advertising and marketing to chance.  Experience really counts, and your business can benefit from ours.

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Simplify your accounts

Each client receives an itemised invoice covering each component of the month’s advertising and marketing activities from sign writing to printing to press advertising.  This service is valuable to our clients – it is simple to deal with one debtor each month rather than receive multiple accounts from various media houses each with different terms.  If a client has a question or query about their account this is quickly addressed in the first instance by the team at Strategic Media Partners. Getting it right for our clients so that things go smoothly with the accounts process is very important at SMP.

Save Time

All the  running around is done.  Strategic Media Partners, as a full service advertising agency, is our client’s only contact for everything marketing and advertising.  All questions are answered and issues resolved by Strategic Media Partners in a smooth efficient way.  Clients have real peace of mind dealing with one agency.  One agency  that can do it all, while saving precious time.  Save time – start a conversation with SMP.  07 49 514 000.

Independent advice

Nothing is left to guess work and every step is transparent. Planning and scheduling of client media bookings is compiled by SMP using the latest survey and rating results. An independent assessment of your business advertising requirements ensures any question you ask SMP will be quantified with an answer you understand.

Each client’s media planning is undertaken to achieve results.  Advertising and marketing decisions are made in the best interest of each individual business; not necessarily in the best interest of any one particular medium.  While maintaining established working relationships with all local mediums, SMP is completely independent from and unbiased towards each medium ensuring  media planning and buying is about achieving results.

Save Money

Established buying relationships with many media outlets means Strategic Media Partners prepares advertising schedules with substantial volume discount.  Clients therefore enjoy these lower rates without needing to commit to a long term contract direct with an individual medium.   This is real value.  Flexibility and a genuine opportunity to save money on marketing and advertising.