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50 Years strong and it's only the start

Our 2 businesses come as a package deal and has the strongest local brand in the Industry, developed over the last 50 years we have very strong customer contracts.

The new launch of our fully integrated E-commerce system has poised the business ready for explosive growth.

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Business 1 - Trophies & Awards
Mackay Trophy House

  • Decades-long established Mackay business in an ideal location to CBD and Industrial area
  • Good on-site customer parking
  • 350m2 under roof, air-conditioned work area
  • Plenty of hardstand to the rear for deliveries accessed via roller door
  • All equipment is modern, and each machine has its own computerised workstation
  • All engraving is done electronically, so you don’t have to be an old school engraver
  • Different machines for different jobs, everything is covered
  • Large showroom incorporating trophy display and customer viewing area
  • Systems in place to ensure smooth and efficient results
  • Automations allow hte business to efficently run and operated by 4 staff
  • Extremely profitable business with high value plant & equipment
  • New Fully Integrated E-Commerce Website with Online Sales fucntions
  • Owners will teach incoming purchaser the ropes to ensure future success

Mackay Trophy House has over thirty years of presence in the Mackay community. Its versatile and capable team of professionals can provide customised service to clients both nationally and internationally. Mackay Trophy House has a wide selection of trophies and plaques, as well as personalised mementos that are ideal for wedding gifts plus sporting, corporate or personal events where engraving or etching is called for, this innovative company is “The Best You Can Get.

Address: 153 Paradise St, Mackay, QLD 4740

Massive Catalogue with Complete E-Commerce Solution

Business 2 - Industrial & Commercial Engraving
National Engravers Australia

With over 45 years of precise in the Mackay region, National Engravers Australia’s workshop is the most extensive engraving workshop north of Brisbane.  The business specialises in all five engraving techniques Diamond Drag Engraving, Rotary Engraving, Direct Laser Engraving, Chemical Etching & Sand Carving. National Engravers Australia also has UV Printing capabilities.

Address: 153 Paradise St, Mackay, QLD 4740

  • Highly valuable partnerships with Mining and Resource Companies
  • variable successful clients Offerings with 5 types of Engraving methods
  • large access area deliveries accessed via roller door
  • Very modern Plant with each machine having it’s own computerised workstation
  • All engraving is done electronically with the latest technology to efficient automation
  • Different machines for different jobs, everything is covered
  • Large Porfolio of work and satisfied client base servicing Australia wide
  • Systems in place to ensure smooth and efficient results
  • Extremely good profits, high value plant & equipment
  • Owners commited to successful handover with new purchaser.

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Highly Successful Trophy and Awards Business

  • Established Client contracts
  • Highly functional e-commerce website
  • Auotmated sales processes and systems
  • Great profit margins
  • Easy to learn and Manage business
  • Great community footprint

Engraving Business Servicing Australia Wide

  • Established Client contracts
  • Strong Local Mining and Resource presence
  • Latest Technology
  • Explosive Growth potential
  • Customer Quality Assurance Processes
  • Offering 5 types of Engraving

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Location of Mackay Trophy House & National Engravers Australia
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