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According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span for someone online right now is 8.25 seconds. For the record – that’s shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. It’s a good thing then that digital marketing is fast enough to keep up with these shorter attention spans. One status update, one helpful post, or one responsive comment is all that is needed to get your branding message to the top of a prospect’s mind.

We provide website design and development solutions for:

  • Targeted Google Adword Campaigns
  • Google Search Banner Advertisements
  • Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin Marketing
  • Email marketing Campaigns

Effective Digital Marketing

How to grow your business with digital marketing

So … You’re looking for digital marketing?

Matt Porter

Digital Marketing Master

Today’s marketing mix needn’t be an actual pick ‘n’ mix. With a plethora of digital platforms available and with many tried and tested campaigns under my belt, I know what impressions you’ll want and what platforms will provide your business with solid leads. Facebook, Instagram, Google advertising, Google Shop, if you’ve heard of it or you haven’t, I can help potential customers find your business. I’ll also help you to find your ideal customer through targeted, cost effective digital marketing.

Damian Walls

Digital Delivery Tech Head

With a passion to work on our clients digital marketing campaigns to achieve results. Damian works with our conversion tracking so that we can make sure that every dollar our clients spend returns several back to them. Working with Facebook and Google campaigns on a daily basis allows Damian to understand market trends and optimise client campaigns for the best return on their advertising dollar.