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So … You’re looking for a photographer?

Catherine Zamparutti

Fabulous Photographer

Family and photography are two of the biggest loves of my life. I’m a passionate and imaginative photographer and have worked with many, many businesses in Mackay over the years. I specialise in real estate, property and commercial photography and cover corporate and special events. I also love to make ordinary moments extraordinary through lifestyle photography at beautiful locations around our region.

Jess Wark

Image Assembler

A picture is worth a thousand words – how true, especially when a picture is used in advertising and marketing. Part of my role here at Strategic Media Partners is turning average images into great ones. Have an image you’d like to use in a brochure but think it’s not useable? Before you write it off completely, let me have a look and I’ll see if I can wave my magic wand!

Below is a sample of our photography