So … You’re looking for a Graphic Designer?

Steve Graison

Website Magic Conjuror

Your website may look good, but does it work? Each day I review websites for functionally, brand representation, Google compatibility and SEO friendliness. Once I’ve ascertained whether your website needs a freshen up or a complete rebuild, I’ll work on creative concepts and provide visually appealing example layouts, prior to building your businesses biggest digital asset.

Matt Porter

IT Mechanic

Think of me as an Information Technology Mechanic, I repair and maintain all moving parts of your businesses number one digital asset – your website. Your website acts as an extra salesperson, a point of contact, someone that’s talking to your customer when you can’t. If a potential customer makes it as far as your website, you need to make sure the information they require is available, if it’s not, they could seek out your competitor.

Lavinia Hutchison

Word Whizz

Writing and talking go hand in hand and I love to do both… I could probably do these under water too if I tried! Talking to businesses about their past, present and future is something I find fascinating. I love being able to share a story through words for the world to see, or an app to transcribe via speaker! Good grammar speaks volumes and sells products and services. Don’t under estimate the importance of good copy, persuasive text and attention-grabbing headlines!

Below is a sample of our creative work.

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