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Project sign-off – tell us you’re satisfied with your project so we can take the next step.

Part of our quality assurance control is to ensure your project has everything right.

We would like you to check some important elements.

Please give your project the attention it deserves in this checking phase.

Things YOU Need to double check

Carry out these checks on a desktop computer and a mobile/tablet device where applicable.

Test each call to action and contact form by completing the form. Send an enquiry and make sure the form is received.

Test each email to make sure they work as they should

Check each page for any missing or incorrect content, including logos, audio and video files (if applicable)

Test that all navigation links work correctly, click on every link (including newsletter sign up, privacy policy and terms and conditions if applicable)

Click on each social media link to ensure each is integrated correctly (if applicable)

Test that all menu and quick links work and are directed to the correct page

Check the contact information is displayed accurately (including location map if applicable). This includes checking all legally binding information is correct, such as QBCC and licence numbers.

Check functionality of ecommerce features and functionality of user registration (if applicable). This includes doing a test run of each step in the payment process if your site accepts payments, including downloads, sign-ups, shopping cart functions, payment processing, email notifications, buttons, links and terms and conditions.

Review for browser compatibility by testing on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.