Strategic Media Partners currently support two, nine year old girls in India – Tejasree and Sahitya, who are cared for in a Destiny Rescue Children’s Home.

Destiny Rescue is committed to liberating the enslaved and restoring those who have been abused in Thailand, Cambodia, India and the Philippines. Destiny Rescue will keep expanding to reach even more children.

Destiny Rescue is an internationally-recognized Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. Their vision is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Since 2011, Destiny Rescue have rescued nearly 2000 children enslaved around the world, helped keep hundreds more from entering the sex trade through various prevention programs, ensured justice for those who have been wronged, and raised awareness to untold numbers. And they’ll continue to expand to reach even more children in the days ahead!

Destiny Rescue realises that human trafficking is a global problem and they’re determined to respond to God’s call to set captives free worldwide. Until no more children are sold, forced or coerced into the sex trade, Destiny Rescue is fully committed to fighting for their freedom, their restoration and their futures.