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Recent statistics indicate mobile devices account for 49.7% of web page views worldwide

Mobile friendly websites are essential

According to January 2018 data, the global mobile population amounted to 3.7 billion unique users. As of February 2017, mobile devices accounted for 49.7% of web page views worldwide according to Statista a leading online statistics portal.

Mobile traffic is expected to continue increasing seven-fold over the coming years with the ease of accessibility and affordability of smart devices, with these projections it is crucial that your business website is mobile friendly and compatible on all devices.

We spoke to a few Mackay mobile users about what they expect in a mobile website when browsing; we received responses such as:

  • I want to access information quickly
  • I will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • If a website is not optimised for mobile, I won’t return.
  • Mobile sites are more important to me than desktop sites.

It is important to know that if a web user leaves your website because it is not mobile friendly, you have lost not only a potential customer, but your competitor, who has a mobile friendly website, may have gained a new customer.  This scenario may have occurred many times resulting in large revenue loss. Ensuring your website works on mobile is a smart investment in your brand, and your business’s success.

A mobile friendly website allows your business to:

  • Engage with your audience by allowing them to correctly see the content on your website
  • Increase conversion by having a functional website that users can navigate
  • Reduce bounce rates through reducing website load times and providing presentable data
  • Get higher ranking on Google, as Google favours mobile friendly websites

Google, the leading search engine provider, has said that the future of search is on mobile devices, websites that aren’t usable on a handheld device will see their ranks suffer. Eventually this may lead to websites not appearing in search results at all if the site is not mobile friendly.

You may know your website is not currently optimised for mobile. Contact us for an obligation free assessment of your current site. It is less expensive than you may think.

As we move towards a mobile-first society … having a mobile friendly website is an essential and easy way to immediately gain an edge.