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You’ve come to the right place – the place where we can provide you with dedicated, customised digital marketing without all the overwhelm.

Maria SMP Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is our ‘jam’ and we get excited helping businesses (like yours) with their online presence. We’ve worked with business owners from all different industries to enhance their business presence.

Some of our clients shining a spotlight on their business:

Why use SMP you ask?

Because we help you stay on top of your digital marketing. There’s no ‘set and forget’ with SMP, it’s not how we do things.

In fact, we have a secret weapon that no one else has: Tegan. Have you met her yet? Tegan is a real person – a living, breathing Client Outcomes Manager who personally looks after your account.

Every month Tegan will schedule a check in with you (or every other month if that’s your preference) to discuss your campaign and make recommendations with no fuss and definitely no brain busting tech-talk.

We don’t believe in leaving digital marketing to chance and AI technology. Tegan works with our team who are dedicated to your digital marketing to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

So, what’s the next step?

Tell us a little about your business! With this information we can create a no-obligation digital marketing plan to get you better online results. It’s that easy 😉

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Local expertise, local experience.

Let’s get ready to launch your business to exciting new heights with our know-how and strategies.

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