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So … You’re looking for radio marketing?

Alan Zamparutti

Radio Amp ‘Zamp’

Radio repetition, those ads you “keep hearing,” work! The radio is always on in our office here at Strategic Media Partners, no doubt it’s on in your office too, and your car and your kitchen! Creating the right schedule for your business, a campaign that will work, it requires a level of skill I’ve acquired over the years. The right campaign can and will generate great results for your business.

Tracey Dean

Radio Lady-o

On most days you’ll find me working on a radio campaign for a client. Sometimes it’s an exciting promotion or new product, other days it’s a general branding campaign. I enjoy all elements of creating a campaign, from selecting the best station for your message, through to creating memorable creative to really highlight your message.

Jordyn Cantoni

Radio Processor

I’m having so much fun working for an advertising agency and I’ve been working across all departments including radio. I enjoy compiling radio schedules and processing the commercials, I didn’t realise how much work went into one radio ad! It’s cool when you hear a commercial you worked on playing on the actual radio, I always think “I worked on that!”

Below is a sample of our radio commercials and jingles

Your Day Spa

Holy Spirit College

Jayco Mackay

Mackay Radiology

Phoenix Powersports

Mackay Spa Shed

Woodman Group of Companies

Woodman Glass & Aluminium

Strategic Media Partners

Holy Spirit College


MRC Australia

Whitsunday Office Machines