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Below is a sample of our radio commercials.

Want to hear some jingles? Click Here.

Radio advertising might seem like a traditional method of reaching new consumers, but it is still effective because of how many people still listen to the radio every day.

The primary advantage of radio advertising is that it allows a brand and business to target a specific core demographic. Because radio stations have several different formats, each with a unique type of content, it becomes possible to reach a specific group of consumers to raise brand awareness.

We provide Radio Marketing and development solutions for:

Pre-recorded (which is the most common)
Live Reads
Sponsorship Credits

So … You’re looking for radio marketing?

Alan Zamparutti

Radio Amp ‘Zamp’

Radio repetition, those ads you “keep hearing,” work! The radio is always on in our office here at Strategic Media Partners, no doubt it’s on in your office too, and your car and your kitchen! Creating the right schedule for your business, a campaign that will work, it requires a level of skill I’ve acquired over the years. The right campaign can and will generate great results for your business.