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Design Patterns: How to Create Simple Interfaces

There are long-standing patterns in design that help us understand what the user wants and which solution will work best. These are referred to as design patterns. This article will explain how patterns help us appropriately construct an interface. We’ll dissect features like buttons, navigation, accordions, and date selection with examples. This article will be …

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3 Essential Design Trends, May 2022

Do you ever look at a website and think, why did they do that? Sometimes with website design trends, that’s the exact thought that can come to mind. What about an element works (or doesn’t) and why did it get so popular so fast? That’s the theme of this month’s roundup. Here’s what’s trending in …

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3 Quick Tricks to Boost Customer Retention

Acquiring a new customer is difficult, but retaining an existing one is even more challenging. Yet, statistics show that efforts focused on retention bring way more value.  For instance, according to SmallBizGenius, 82% of companies agree that customer retention is cheaper than acquisition. Apart from that, 65% of a company’s revenue comes from existing clients, …

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When UX Goes Bad (and How to Fix It)

Designing for user experiences is what all designers do. UX is often thought of as the preserve of app or web designers; however, even a print designer laying out a magazine anticipates reader reaction to the scale of type, the placement of adverts, and the art direction of successive stories. Because all designers design user …

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How to Scale Your Design Process and Improve Handoff

It’s something every design team dreams about – a better design process and handoff procedure. Your design team is not alone if you are looking for a better solution. Imagine what your workflow would look like if you could forgo the struggles of image-based technology, design and handoff with accurate components that have interactive features. …

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Exciting New Tools For Designers, March 2022

We’re going to have some fun this month. There are so many new tools and resources out there for designers that make life easier, and others are simply enjoyable. Here’s what is new for designers this month … Polka Dot Generator Polka Dot Generator is exactly what you think. Adjust colors, dot size, shadow, and …

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