Graphic Design | Strategic Media Partners

So … You’re looking for a graphic designer?

Jess Wark

Creative Conceptualist

I’m an experienced graphic designer with 15 years’ experience in all facets of design. From broadcast graphics and storyboards for TV to logos and signage, through to promotional items and advertising imaging. I love creating custom concepts and ideas for clients of Strategic Media Partners.

Tish Scholtz

Pixel Perfect Producer

As a graphic designer at Strategic Media Partners, I create and design effective thought-provoking creatives for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Working closely with our technical delivery team, I personally ensure your digital advertising makes an impact and generates results for your business.

Steve Graison

Website Wizard

Designing a website that makes your business appear successful is my passion. Steve Jobs famously said, “It is not just how a thing looks but also how it works”. I ensure every website I design is creative, functional, navigable and visually appealing to visitors.

Below is a sample of our creative work