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TV advertising works. It builds brand fame and reputation like no other medium. Below are samples of our television commercials.

The best way to kick-start a campaign and build momentum is through TV. It delivers mass audiences every day (63% of the population), every week (83%) and every month (93%).  In fact, over 16 million Australians watch TV on average every day, making it ideal for launching new products and services, or driving a sales event.

TV remains the ultimate, unbeatable, undeniable brand-builder. There is a TV set in almost every Australian home and today’s smartphones, tablets and computers all show TV content too. In fact 15% of Australians admit to watching streamed content in the bath or on the loo.

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Alan Zamparutti

Media Master

Having worked in the TV industry for over two decades, I’ve been involved in all areas of commercial creation. I’ve planned hundreds of schedules with local stations, produced memorable and effectual TV commercials, I’ve even jumped on camera when needed! My experience in knowing where and when to place your advertising dollar, will ensure return on investment, time and time again.