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So … You’re looking for television marketing?

Alan Zamparutti

Media Master

Having worked in the TV industry for over two decades, I’ve been involved in all areas of commercial creation. I’ve planned hundreds of schedules with local stations, produced memorable and effectual TV commercials, I’ve even jumped on camera when needed! My experience in knowing where and when to place your advertising dollar, will ensure return on investment, time and time again.

Tracey Dean

Talented Tele-visionary

Helping to get your message to the right people is something I’m passionate about. I know which TV programs your target audience watch and the best way to buy and place television scheduling. My invaluable industry experience enables me to fully understand what works, so you achieve a result from your television investment.

Jess Wark

TV Commercial Creator

Television imagery is a powerful medium, invoking emotion and audience reactions. I love creating broadcast graphics and with so many elements, creating the perfect television commercial is an art I relish. I have many years’ experience creating inspiring, thought invoking commercials and I’ve really enjoyed working with an array of businesses to communicate with their audience through creative commercials.

Below is a sample of our television commercials

Multi Rack

Mackay Rentals

Mackay Spa Shed

IDEAL Placements

Alman Partners

MRC Australia

Caneland Dental

Southern First for Steel

Mackay Tennis Association