6 tips to get more traffic to your Shopify store with SEO

Your Shopify store is live and operational, and the next step is to invite traffic with open arms! Imagine rolling out the virtual red carpet, enticing customers to explore the digital aisles of your platform. Sounds simple. Yet, acquiring substantial traffic remains one of the most challenging aspects of managing an online store. The good …

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What is a Tracking Pixel and How does it works? – Complete Guide

In the world of digital marketing, you've probably heard the terms "tracking pixel" or simply "pixel" thrown around without much explanation. So, let's break it down from the beginning. While you might not recognise a tracking pixel, it has likely popped up on your screen before. These little elements help companies gather useful marketing info ...

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Rank Higher and Capture Leads with Video SEO

As search engines are integrating generative AI and learning to surface more diverse results, creating a strategy to rank your pages in the top 5 takes a lot of trial and error.
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