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When you launch your business on social media you want to make sure it’s with your best foot forward.
Not sure how to make the best first impression? We can help!

We have assisted a number of businesses (just like yours) with their social media accounts.

These companies know a good thing when they see it:

Your social media accounts should showcase your business as the
professional enterprise that it is - not a dodgy backyard start up!

Don’t Be Like Bobby

Bobby is amazing at creating his custom dartboards & like most business owners, started his small business on a shoestring budget, doing all the things himself.

Bobby knew he needed to get his business out to the wide world so decided one evening to create his social media accounts. Not really understanding what he had to do, Bobby gave it a red hot go, adding a basic ‘About Us’ blurb & uploaded a photo of his dartboard as a profile picture.

Satisfied that he had created a social media account, Bobby sat back & waited for the people to come and flood his page. He is still waiting & doesn’t understand why….

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Dazza Does It Right

Like Bobby, Darren is a small business owner at Dartboards & Beyond. He also creates awesome dartboards, however decided to get Strategic Media Partners on board to help him set up his social media accounts – there are some things best left to the professionals!

Once set up, Darren is stoked to see his logo prominently displayed, a professional profile header & his ‘About Us’ section really showcases his business perfectly. He is ready to let the entire world know about his dartboards & feels confident in posting regularly on his new social accounts.

Darren is grateful he left the set up in the hands of SMP as it allowed him to get on with doing what he does best – creating his dartboards.

What Do Your Customers & Clients Think
When They See Your Social Accounts?

Now Imagine You’re Suzie

Suzie is looking for a nice gift idea for her father for Father’s Day. She takes to social media looking for ideas & discovers 2 pages: Bobby’s Dartboards & Dartboards & Beyond.

Suzie takes some time to look through both pages to see what is on offer & decides to purchase from Dartboards & Beyond.

Why? Because the account portrays a reputable business. It displays a clear logo, the header image is professional & the ‘About Us’ section is easy to read & concise.

Put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes – does your business look the goods?

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Why Use Strategic Media Partners?

We’ve all been there – you see a great business that has a tonne of potential BUT the social media profiles look…. amatuerish.

As a business owner, you put such a lot of hard work into your enterprise, why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward on social networks?

At Strategic Media Partners, we take the hassle out of trying to set up your social accounts. We have dedicated staff with the know-how & time to create professional looking accounts, customised to your business.

We make it easy!

We also ensure your brand is consistently represented across the different social media platforms – after all, consistency is key!


I Need Different Social Media Platforms...

Know that you need to be on different platforms?

That’s no problem! We can create business accounts on various different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

In fact, we have a cost effective package to create all your social media accounts created at once!

It’s Time To Save*!

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*Discount applies when 3 social media accounts are created

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