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Okhsv and Okhsl

There is an old Russian fable where Okhsv and Okhsl are on a rowboat and Okhsv says to Okhsl, “What are the known shortcomings of HSL and HSV color pickers in design applications?” I kid, I kid. But really, what are they? Björn Ottosson shows the two classics: Despite color picking playing a big role …

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8 Reasons Your Site Is Slow + How To Fix Them

1, 2, 3 – That’s exactly how long it takes you to start losing visitors if you have a slow-loading website. Hold on! Surely, the only thing that matters to users is that your website works flawlessly and looks great… right? Wrong! The fact of the matter is that we’ve all become accustomed to instant ...

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Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research

Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research Mariana Macedo The eye-tracking methodology can be extremely valuable for usability tests since it records the journey without interfering with the users’ natural behavior. Imagine, for example, that you test a prototype but discover that users are not interacting with the interface how they are supposed to. You most likely ...

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20 Best New Websites, October 2021

We’re well on our way to Hallowe’en already, and it’s time for another collection of websites that have caught our eye. It’s a mixed bag of candy this month, but nothing that should make you scream with fright. Enjoy! Tether This single-page site for forthcoming cycle safety system Tether uses a balanced combination of hero …

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How To Leverage Social Proof Successfully

Customer reviews are incredibly valuable to your company. Around 95% of customers say they read reviews before they make a purchase. Another 72% say that they won’t even consider buying your items until they’ve read the reviews associated with your business or product. No matter how good your marketing and promotion strategies might be, your …

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