Job Vacancy – Digital Marketing Analyst

About the business

Growing marketing agency with innovative technology is looking for a confident and suitable person to join their family team. The business has been providing outstanding service and quality for 10 years. You will be challenged with rewarding tasks and projects on a daily basis.

About the role

The right candidate would have interest in monitoring and analysing digital marketing platforms for our clients to assist in increasing the effectiveness of the campaigns. We will provide on the job training to the right candidate to increase the efficiency and proficiency in the skills required for the role. These skills will assist in setting up, customising, managing & analysing the following digital platforms:

Google Search, Display, Video & Shop campaigns by:

  • Optimising target audiences and re-marketing lists
  • Setting negative keywords and placement exclusions
  • Utilise extensions, dynamic content & responsive Ads

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & other social platforms by:

  • Analyse campaigns for delivering conversion goals (PPC vs PPM vs PPA)
  • Identifying high converting content & creative ads
  • Analyse look-a-like audiences and re-marketing strategies (utilising Pixel data)
  • Create catalogues and embedding product feeds for Facebook shopping campaigns
  • Understanding content stories and ad layouts

Where you will work

  • With a very professional, friendly team of people.
  • In a modern office building with latest technology
  • With encouraging forward-thinking people with innovative ideas.
  • In a place where bonus options and pay increases are based on performance.
  • In a place where the importance of a work/family balance is top priority and family comes first.
  • Where workplace training and development programs are available to all team members
  • Where a very high Christian standard of behaviour is required and when it comes to interactions with our clients and staff – “Treat others how you would like to be treated”

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