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Damian Walls

Damian loves to work on our clients digital marketing campaigns to achieve results. Damian works with our conversion tracking so that we can make sure that every dollar our clients spend returns several.

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David Reitano

I like to work hard ensuring your website and emails work as expected. I ensure that your systems are running smoothly so you can handle your business. I maintain our Hosting systems and Platforms as well our internal IT infrastructure. Essentially what makes the Web work. All the little 1’s & 0’s floating around in cyberspace need to be told where to go and what to show when someone types in your email address or website.

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Matt Porter

Matthew is a qualified systems engineer and has an extensive background in information technology and digital platforms, which makes him the “guru” when it comes to anything and everything digital. Matthew prides himself on being able to create a digital workout routine for SMP clients identifying the best online mediums to use to generate long-term results for their company.

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