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  • The top area your business wastes money each year?
  • How you can be sure your staff are trained right?
  • How to remove costly in-efficencies from your business?
  • How to focus on high value activities?
  • If you can easily keep on top of license renewals?
  • How to stay on top of staff / business compliance?
  • Not earning the potential of your experience and knowledge?

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You can provide a completion certificate at the end of the course if desired
and also create subscription options for re-occurring courses or members

The Benefits

The benefit of a tailor-made induction portal is that it can be as simple or complex as your business requires. Depending on the individual requirements, we can provide a secure and dedicated hub to manage.

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Replace In-House Induction & Training

Customised for your business

Induction processes are becoming more and more important to introduce new employees into the company and familiarising them with specific policies, protocols and procedures.

By investing in a customised induction portal you can provide access to the relevant company resources in one easy to access location, eliminating the potential for things to be missed or incorrect and outdated information being supplied.

Selling Online Training Courses

Looking to setup an online training business where you can sell courses online and create that additional revenue stream for your business?

2021 saw the demand for online courses skyrocket with many people looking to upskill themselves particularly within the digital space. Our ready to-go training systems will allow you to start an online training business with very little hassle or heartache.

Create any number of courses in any number of categories and allow your members to choose which courses they want to purchase and complete.

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Streamline your induction processes with a customised induction portal by Strategic Media Partners.





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