Graphic Design

Hi, I’m Jake Townsend.

I am the graphic designer that works on Logo Design, Business Card Design, Flyers, Cor-flutes, Building & Car Signage, Billboards and anything within the traditional media sector including Magazines, Newspaper & Television. I am passionate about bringing your brand to life with the use of the right colour, tones and design.

Excited to meet you, my name is Tish Scholtz.

As a graphic designer at Strategic Media Partners, my role is working to create and design impacting and thought-provoking creatives for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Google. I work closely with the technical delivery team to make sure your digital Ads and creative hit the mark and generate results.

Steve Gray here, from Website Design & Development

My passion is to design websites that not only look like you own a million dollar business but one that will work well. Steve Jobs famously said it is not just how a thing looks but also how it works, so i endeavor to make sure every website design creative is very functional while also looking the best it can.

Below is a small sample of our Creative Work.

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