When people subscribe to a newspaper or magazine, they have a relationship with the product and your advertising message is viewed with a positive frame of mind.  Print media helps reinforce your message, with repetition.

Consumers trust what they read, and they have ‘time’ to understand the message and read all the small print.  Newspaper and magazine advertisements are non-intrusive, but they have high impact.

At Strategic Media Partners our graphic artists ensure synergy of message.  Your press advertisement will reflect the look and feel of your website for example.  Continuity of message leads to increased brand recognition and recall.

Our team are expert in crafting both branding campaigns and call to action press advertisements.  How can we help you with print marketing?

There are many options with print advertising – the size of the advertisement, the day(s) to advertise, various sections within the publication, for example sport.

Print advertising allows small business owners to craft a message that has staying power.

Advantages of working with SMP

Don’t Over Complicate it

Need some advice on your press advertising?

Alan Zamparutti

Composition Craftsman

Print media comes in many forms; press advertising (newspapers/magazines), catalogues, flyers, capability statements – if it’s print and uses ink, we know what will work for you. You can’t beat the feeling of a tangible product in your hand, one your customers can pick up and take with them.

Tracey Dean

Print Media Maker

From design to delivery, I have many years’ experience in print media. From choosing the best medium, targeting the right audience and creating effective copy that works. If you’d like to explore print options and want to know what will work best for your business, let me know and I’ll put together a press campaign that works.

Leonie Cridland

Creative Visionary

From newspaper and magazine advertisements to business cards, flyers and catalogues, I aesthetically craft your advertising content and copy, conveying your message to customers and clients.