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Below is a sample of our radio commercials and jingles

Catchy advertising jingles and brand music tracks resonate with your target audience. Strategic Media Partners work with a professional team of composers, producers, musicians and vocalists to collaborate on your jingle brief, and to bring your jingle to life.

Your jingle stands out and becomes a key component of your future advertising campaigns.
As our jingle production company says “that’s music to your ears”.

Your full jingle package includes a vocal package that can be used standalone or with voice over insert.  30 and 15 second versions (suitable for television, radio and digital campaigns) and a range of full vocal, top & tail, top only, tail only and instrumental mixes. Your choice of male or female vocals with perpetual usage on any medium with no ongoing fees.

Interested in knowing more about creating a jingle for your business? It may be more affordable than you think.

Alan Zamparutti

Radio Amp ‘Zamp’

A great jingle has a clear ‘hook’. This is a melody or lyric at the start or at the end of the jingle that positions the business. The ‘hook’ is what sticks in people’s mind and is easily recalled by the consumer. I will help you to think about your target demographic and what would engage them. I guarantee you will find your jingle to be a great investment.