Using an EBlast To Keep In Touch

Direct Email Marketing

An EBlast is a newsletter style email sent to a bulk audience at one time.
It will allow you to connect with your clients to tell them how they can still do business with you.

Reach them where they are; at home or at work and give them a pathway back to your business.

These communications are usually sent to a bulk Emailing list, either one collected by your business or sometimes to a purchased list.

7 Reasons an EBlast works

  1. Reaches your audience where they are.
  2. Opens a pathway for you to create sales
  3. Increases traffic to your website
  4. Targets your audience with personalised content
  5. Grows stronger customer relationships
  6. Builds credibility and brand recognition
  7. Cost and time effective

Top tips for successful email marketing.

  1. Provide valuable and relevant content for your customer.
  2. Keep it brief and easy to read.
  3. Include relevant links to your website within the email content (drives your web traffic)
  4. Use a professionally designed template (for consistent branding).
  5. Keep the content interesting, useful and relevant
  6. Don’t overdo it! Sending too many emails will cause your readers to Unsubscribe!
  7. Always provide an unsubscribe option

How To Get Started

  1. Make it a habit to collect an email address from your clients at the point of sale or via your website. This will be the most effective list as your readers have opted in voluntarily. Segmenting your list by product or service allows you to fine tune your Eblast marketing even further.
  2. Create a schedule that fits in with your marketing activities so you can prepare and check content before sending.
  3. Know what you want to achieve for each Eblast you send and check results after sending. If it is a newsletter, make your content relevant and interesting. If you are promoting a sale or event, be certain to include a strong call to action that can be used as a measure – this might be a link to click on or a code to use during a purchase.
  4. Treat your unsubscribers with respect. After each campaign make sure you remove any unsubscribers completely from your list so they do not receive any further emails from you.

The Eblast still has a useful and effective place in your marketing tool kit, allowing you to reach your audience directly in their mailbox. Your email has a longer life than a social media post and can be more directly targeted to your existing customer base. If you are not sure how to get setup using this channel, contact us for a free strategy meeting to get the ball rolling.

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