15 Best New Fonts, May 2022

While we’ve featured a lot of script fonts in previous months, this newest batch of the best new fonts is going to extremes. If you’re looking to have a bit more fun with typography in the coming months — especially for modern tech brands — you’ll find something here worth trying out here.

1. Apice

Apice is an attractive script font that stands out amongst the more common flowing calligraphy structures. With a rigid, sharp, and upright character set, Apice is a script font that will be easy to read — for those familiar with cursive lettering (so perhaps don’t use this on websites targeted at Gen Z).

2. Aprello

Aprello is a flexible sans serif typeface that can easily adapt to different tones and styles. One reason for this is because it’s a variable font. Another is that it comes with more than 150 alternative glyphs and forms.

3. Chopsin

Chopsin is an edgy, futuristic font that would look great on hi-tech websites — think AI, robotics, space travel, etc. This sans serif typeface would work just as well in headers as it would in paragraph text.

4. Diurnal Mono

Diurnal Mono is a new addition to the Diurnal superfamily of sans serif fonts. This monospaced font was designed for technical and technological applications. That said, it adds a dash of humanism by merging the geometric structures with calligraphy.

5. Fold

Fold is a neo-grotesque font that is as neutral as they get. If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward sans serif to offset perhaps a more elaborate web design, this font would be a smart choice.

6. Gardez

Gardez is a creative display font that performs best at larger sizes. It combines two contrasting font styles — garalde, an oldstyle serif typeface used in printing, and reverse-contrast, whereby the horizontal lines are thicker than the vertical ones.

7. Gate A1

Gate A1 is inspired by DIN, a sans serif typeface commonly used in business administrative and technical use cases. With its straightforward and legible structure, Gate A1 works just as well on web interfaces as it does signage and documentation in the real world.

8. Inbadge

Inbadge is a brush script that can be used in logo and packaging design as well as website hero images. Its lighthearted and casual design would work well for brands that want to be seen as fun, youthful, and creative.

9. Kosmos

Kosmos is an experimental font. Each character is designed using a series of parallel lines. The thickness of the weight and style used will determine how much or how little overlap there is between the lines. Going to extremes, either way can potentially render the characters unreadable, so keep that in mind when using this font.

10. Maax Unicase

Maax Unicase is an extension of the Maax family of fonts. This dense unicase display font isn’t like other unicase fonts you may have run into. While the characters are all the same height, some of them present with their lowercase characteristics.

11. Nilota

Nilota Typeface is a serif font that feels modern and carefree, which is kind of a strange thing for serifs which tend to be more on the conservative and traditional side. Regardless, the unique curves of this font are sure to get people to instantly notice any UI or logo you use it in.

12. Rainbow Chalk

Rainbow Chalk is a handwritten serif font. The font designer suggests using it in children-related projects, though I think it could be used anywhere that calls for a casual and youthful vibe.

13. Right Sans

Right Sans is a high-contrast serif font. The font family is huge and includes a variety of heights, weights, widths, and angles, so there are lots of different extremes you can take this font to.

14. Sagire

Sagire is a unique serif font that looks like something you’d see on a black-and-white movie title screen. This font could be helpful if you’re working on a website or logo with an old-timey and elegant feel.

15. TT Norms Pro Mono

TT Norms Pro Mono is a monospaced typeface that’s just been added to the TT Norms Pro font family. Thanks to its attractive and highly legible design, you could use this font in everything from a technical website to a personal blog.


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