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How to Create an Animated Chart of Nested Squares Using Masks

We have many well-known chart types: bar, donut, line, pie, you name it. All popular chart libraries support these. Then there are the chart types that do not even have a name. Check out this dreamt-up chart with stacked (nested) squares that can help visualize relative sizes, or how different values compare to one another: …

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How To Improve UX With Sketchings

Is sketching essential to UX and UI designers? Well, if you think of sketching as a way to explore problems and record potential solutions, then yes, it absolutely is. One of the most challenging tasks of any design process is capturing the initial idea. We’ve all spent countless hours thinking through an innovative solution to …

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Chapter 10: Browser War

In June of 1995, representatives from Microsoft arrived at the Netscape office. The stated goal was to find ways to work together—Netscape as the single dominant force in the browser market and Microsoft as a tech giant just beginning to consider the implications of the Internet. Both groups, however, were suspicious of ulterior motives. Marc …

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Proxying Third-Party JavaScript as First-Party JavaScript (and the Potential Effect on Analytics).

First, check out how incredibly easy it is to write a Cloudflare Worker to proxy another URL: addEventListener(“fetch”, (event) => { event.respondWith( fetch(“https://css-tricks.com”) ); }); It doesn’t have any error handling or anything, but hey, it works: Now imagine how some websites give you a URL to JavaScript in order to do stuff. CodePen does …

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5 Tips for Designing Great Website Navigations

Navigation is one of the most essential elements of a website.  It provides a high-level overview of what visitors will find there (which also happens to be good for SEO). It helps visitors orient themselves so they can get around the site quickly. Plus, it enables them to take quick action like visiting their cart …

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Rebase vs Merge: Integrating Changes in Git

This article is part of our “Advanced Git” series. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or sign up for our newsletter to hear about the next articles! Most developers understand that it’s important to use branches in Git. In fact, I’ve written an entire article on branching strategies in Git, explaining Git’s powerful branching …

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Responsible JavaScript

High five to Jeremy on the big release of Responsible JavaScript on A Book Apart. There is a lot of talk about how the proliferation of JavaScript has had a negative impact on the web, but now we have the canonical reference tome.   The book is just chock-full of Jeremy framing some of the …

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3 Essential Design Trends, November 2021

As the year begins to wind down, there are still plenty of new and evolving website design trends going strong. Much of what you’ll see this month carries over from things we’ve been seeing all year but with fresh touches. From peek-a-boo designs with neat animated elements to vertical bars to brutalist blocks, there are …

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So, You Want to Build an @mention Autocomplete Feature?

We’re all familiar with the concept of autocompletion, right? You type something into a search box and it tries to guess what you’re looking for as you type, displaying suggestions, often below the cursor. While we’re used to autocomplete on eCommerce sites that redirect to search or product pages, an underrated usage is when used …

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