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Need to induct your staff & contractors quickly and easily?

Ever Wondered?

  • The top area your business wastes money each year?
  • How you can be sure your staff are trained right?
  • How to remove costly in-efficencies from your business?
  • How to focus on high value activities?
  • If you can easily keep on top of license renewals?
  • How to stay on top of staff / business compliance?
  • Not earning the potential of your experience and knowledge?

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Streamline your induction processes with a customised induction portal by Strategic Media Partners.

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Provide streamlined, professional inductions

Customised for your business

Don’t run the risk of outdated information being supplied or essential items and processes being missed – get your personnel inducted and onboarded without the fuss!

Our induction portals provide one easy to access location to host your company resources and can be as simple or complex as your business requires. Create reports, send reminders and track and manage regulatory compliance for all your staff and contractors from an easy to use dashboard.

The Benefits

  • Minimise risk for incorrect or outdated information supplied
  • Easy to use dashboard to track compliancy
  • Maintain quality control with one central hub for workplace documents
  • Customised to suit your company

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Simple to use and navigate

All portal back-end frameworks are designed to be user-friendly and efficient to blend seamlessly with your existing or new webpage and branding.

We can provide a customised, secure and dedicated hub to manage:

  • employee inductions and onboarding
  • visitor workplace inductions
  • employee training and upskilling
  • licence registrations and renewals
  • access to critical operating procedures and workplace health and safety policies.

Need to induct your staff & contractors quickly and easily?





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Local expertise, local experience.

Let’s get ready to launch your business to exciting new heights with our know-how and strategies.

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