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Marketing Foundations

10 Basic Marketing Refreshers for 2021

Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics, clear out the clutter and start with a fresh slate.

As we move into a new year, we thought it might be a good time to revisit some basic marketing fundamentals to form a solid foundation for your marketing activities.


Know your business

Seems obvious right? But things change over time; products, people, markets, competition, environment and events. Take 2020 for example, this is one year where global events had a massive impact on all businesses.

Now is a great time to jot down some thoughts about your business as it stands at the beginning of 2021.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • What need does it serve?
  • Who is your target audience (age, gender, demographic, need, location)?
  • How do you provide your products/services?
  • What are your core values?
  • What brand image/ voice do you have? Young/mature/fun/serious/supportive/active etc

Looking over your notes, is your marketing congruent with who you are?

What changes might you need to make to your marketing to allow for any differences?


Draft up a yearly plan

Good planning is often neglected, and this can lead to missed opportunities, budget blow-outs, and poor targeting.

As part of your 2021 marketing, map out a plan and allocate resources and time-frames to your marketing. You might want to chat to an agency who work across different channels to help with ideas, schedules and pricing. This way you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck and the best results.

Your plan will include defining your audience and looking at the best channels to reach them. Make note of special dates and yearly events that create opportunities to reach out to your customers.

Create a value offering

Make sure you are providing a offer/service/product that represents value to your customers. Remember, price isn’t always everything! Great service, convenience, follow up and bundles all increase value to the customer. As long as they perceive great value, people are often happy to pay above the lowest market price point. Having said that, for some items price point critical and can be used to differentiate. Be careful not to start a price war however, these often lead to a downward spiral that is difficult to recover from. It’s always better to add value than cut prices!


Consider your market positioning

This is all about creating a point of difference in your market arena. Check out what the competition is doing and use this information to help create a unique selling proposition of your own. What makes you different from the rest?  What features can you use to stand out? Think about things like location,  service, value,  quality, delivery, brands, packaging, bundles, skills and experience. 


Nurture your existing customer base

Do you have an existing customer database? If not now is the time to start one! Your existing customer base are more likely to repurchase from you. And, if you have looked after them well, they are your best advertising! New customers are far more likely to buy from you based on 

a referral than any other method. As part of your planning, consider customer loyalty or reward programs,  special offers and follow up services.

Be persistent and consistent!

Two of the biggest mistakes made in marketing are to run short term or sporadic marketing programs and to send out mixed messages and branding. The key success in building brand recognition in your market comes in two words:

Persistency: Be visible to your target market regularly and across various channels. The more times you are seen, the more likely they are to recall your business when it is time to purchase.

Consistency: Ensure that the message and branding are consistent. This allows you to be easily recognized and remembered when seen in the advertising market space.


Meet your audience where they are:

Once you have defined your target audience you’ll need to ensure your marketing reaches them where they will see it. Digital Marketing channels have become a powerful tool in allowing businesses to define and accurately target very specific market demographics. This channel is comparatively inexpensive, effective and offers rapid feedback and measurable results.

The use of other more traditional channels such as point of sale, website, radio, newsletters and local events all provide effective ways to ensure your preferred customer sees you on a regular basis.


Be Online

It goes without saying that an online presence is an absolute must and is expected by today’s consumers. The start of a new year is an ideal time to review your online presence. Is everything current and fresh? Do you have the ability to offer sales and/or bookings online?


Be easy to find

Optimising your content is critical to the search process online. Make sure you use keywords being used by your audience when searching. Strong site optimisation by a team of professionals is a worthwhile investment that ensures your search rankings put you in front of your customers.


Monitor / measure results and review the plan

Finally, no plan is complete without a process to measure and review results. Build in some ways to measure the impact of your marketing. This might be reflected in sales, email and phone responses, clicks on posts and digital ads as well as visitors to your web site.  Good digital marketing agencies will set up systems to provide you with analytics on your advertising and web site visits that allow you to adjust your campaigns as you go.

One simple and effective thing is to ask new customers where they heard about you and keep track of this information.

Be flexible too! If you find some of your marketing activities are not producing the right results then be ready to review and make adjustments.


Strategic Media Partners are a comprehensive agency with a team of experts across marketing, advertising, digital delivery, web, design and print materials.

From the smallest job to a full long term campaign we’re here to help make sure your marketing gets results for your business.

Come in and meet the team for a complimentary exploration session.

Call now on 07 4951 4000

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Logo Refresh

5 signs it’s time to update your Logo Design


First, let us make this clear: your logo is not your brand, it is simply the iconic device that provides a visual recall to your brand.  Your brand encapsulates the what, why and how of your business.  Your logo does however, play a vital role as a visual trigger in the recognition and recall of your brand products and values. As such, it needs to be used consistently and persistently in order to achieve the all-important link to your brand. The design needs to be original, appealing and instantly recognisable amid the clutter of the business marketing world.

Changing an established logo can be fraught with danger if done incorrectly or for the wrong reasons. There are many global brands who have experienced customer backlash or loss of connection to brand identity with poor designs or bungled implementation.

Having said that, there are some very good reasons for considering a logo update or a complete logo redesign. Many major brands have kept their logo fresh and relevant over the years including well known companies such as Shell and Starbucks.

If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to update your business logo, then read on! We’ve put together the top 5 reasons that might mean you need to visit your design agency for an update.


To Maintain relevancy

If your business, industry or target audience has evolved or changed over a period of time it is possible that your logo may no longer appear relevant.

A traditional heritage style logo may not suit a young and technical audience. A complex heavy design does not well represent a light fast moving service. And any design that contains symbolic representation of dated objects will also date the business. Relevancy can include colour themes, trending styles and fonts as well as the actual structural design of the logo itself.


When you no longer stand out

When your marketplace becomes saturated with similar design styles it could be time to break-out in order to stand out from the crowd. Growth in a particular industry and popular design trends can sometimes cause the appearance of similar designs that can become confusing in the market-place.

When your logo is too complex

Internet marketing, social media and apps have created the need for simple, iconic and memorable icons and logos. These are clever, simple designs that are quick and easy to recognise in small sizes. Such iconic designs include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Designs like these use minimal colours and simple shapes. While this is a deceptively difficult design brief, a good designer should be able to keep the essence of your existing logo and create a clean contemporary version that is both recognisable and functional in a visually busy environment.


When you need to modernise

A good logo design should go from strength to strength with your business. If your business has been around for a while, a well-designed logo refresh can do a lot to promote an image of evolutionary success and durability.  This particular strategy has been used by many global companies to strengthen connection with their target audience and position their business in the market place as a leading player.


If there is a merger or acquisition

If your business is part of an acquisition or merger you will need to complete an assessment of the impact of the merger on your core business, target audience and market positioning. Sometimes acquired companies keep their existing logo and continue trading. Depending on the situation new or updated designs may be commissioned. What is important here is to carefully determine the purpose, benefits and potential pitfalls of creating new or updated logo designs.

Things to remember if you change your logo.

With any decision to change an existing logo or create a new one, you will need to be mindful of the need for a coordinated plan to update all your existing branded materials. Poorly executed rebranding strategies can lead to confusion and loss of marketing equity. Talk with your design agency to ensure you have all your bases covered and that your new logo and or branding are rolled out in a professional and complete manner. This is a great time to make a splash with an official announcement launching your new design to the public.

Here’s a list of items you will need to consider when you launch a new or updated logo.

  • Stationery
  • Web & Social
  • Advertising
  • Email signature
  • Promotional materials
  • Directory listing
  • Business forms
  • Accounts packages
  • Signage


If you think your logo may be in need of a facelift, book a free consult and start a conversation with our experienced design team. We’re here to help make sure all the bases are covered when it comes to this important project.

Contact us now on 07 4951 4000

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High Bounce Rate


Does your web site have a high bounce rate?


So…what is a bounce rate?
The bounce rate of your web site is a measure of visitors who arrive at your site, then leave without clicking on other pages. If you have a single landing page then the bounce rate reflects how many visitors leave after a short time or without interacting with forms or buttons.


What is the impact?
Having a high bounce rate can mean that although visitors are coming to your web page they are not following through to generate the sale or make contact with you. That means, lost sales opportunities.


Eight reasons your web page may have a high bounce rate:

Slow load times
The longer your web page takes to load the more likely your viewer will leave. Viewers expect a page to load in under 3 seconds and that is why a well optimised fast loading page is vital to capture your audience.


Links to external sites
If you have links on your page that lead to external sites you could be diverting your audience away from your key messages and call to action. Links to external sites can also impact your Google search ratings. Rather than divert to outside information sources, make sure you have content on your page that can be quickly seen and is relevant to your topic.


Wrong audience
A high bounce rate might be an indication that your advertising and marketing is attracting the wrong audience to your page. While the ad or message attracts them to your site, they may be the wrong demographic or may not be in the market to shop. This highlights the importance of creating a message that is targeted to the right audience both in your advertisements and on the landing pages.


Your advertisements don’t match page
If your audience arrives at your page and find that the content doesn’t match what they were expecting they will also leave. With such a short time to grab their attention it’s critical that your opening message and images on the landing page match your advertisement and quickly convey the right message.


Unclear or missing call to action
If the reader isn’t prompted to take action or if the call to action (form or call button) can’t be found they will also leave the page. A good landing page will often have several obvious call to action point to make it easy and clear what the reader is to do next.


Too complex
Web users have a short span of attention and don’t read detailed blocks of information. Your page should have simple, easy to read headings and very short blocks of text. Visitors will skim read headings and good imagery is important to support the information.


Pop-ups or overlays
While simple pop-up boxes are useful for quick collection or transmission of information, if they cover too much screen or are difficult to close-down you may lose your visitor. Certainly pop-up boxes that appear repeatedly will definitely drive away visitors.


Page may not be mobile friendly
The majority of people browsing the web are now using mobile devices. Most well designed web sites and landing pages are setup to display on both desktop and for mobile devices. If your site or landing page is structured to fit only on a desktop you may be losing visitors who are using mobile devices because navigating the page becomes much more difficult.


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Broken Ballerina


At SMP we’re proud to be sponsors of the Broken Ballerina Foundation, which provides important assistance to victims of domestic violence. Foundation director Jules Thompson does a mighty job tackling the abuse issue head-on and reaching out to help those in need. 

Learn more:

Visit Website

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Shaping the Customer Journey

Customer satisfaction has always been a primary goal for businesses. After all…happy customers spread the news and make return purchases…right?
While this remains true, how we provide customer satisfaction through the customer experience has changed remarkably and is now more important and complex than ever before.


The Digital Travelogue 

The exponential growth of the digital marketplace has turned the ‘customer experience’ into a unique ‘customer journey’ that encompasses every step including searching, site visits, interacting socially, requesting and receiving information, ordering and delivery, and follow up contact.

In this fast-paced technology based environment, customer expectations have also changed dramatically. They have become accustomed to having fast and easy access to what they want via a simple ‘click and receive’ process. In fact, they have even become used to pre-emptive content that anticipates their likes, wishes, and needs.  Greater than 50% of customers said their decision to purchase or not, was directly influenced by their experience during the journey. Slow loading sites, lack of options and lengthy or difficult processes all lead to a fractured customer journey and poor conversion outcomes.


The quality of the customer’s digital journey is now the leading influence in their decision to buy


The customer experience (CX) is now inseparable from the Digital Customer Experience (DCX), which makes it critical for businesses to focus on developing technology-based marketing (MarTech) as an integral part of their competitive strategy, and the customer’s journey.


Top Tips For Creating An Epic Customer Journey


Take a Multi-channel Approach
To create a high-level experience for your customer you’ll need to take an approach that embraces multiple channels. The greater percentage of today’s users are on Mobile devices and across different media platforms. They’re on social media, blogs and web sites. They use chat services and email, follow their products through delivery channels and…also make use of physical locations such as shop fronts!

Deliver a coordinated approach across the touch points you know your customers use and make it easy for them to find and interact with your business. The easier and more rewarding you make their experience the higher your conversion rates will be.


Create a personal experience
Today’s customer journey has become very personal. Mobile devices are an integral part of daily life. When you connect with the customer in the digital platform you are in their personal space. It’s important to create touch points that respect that space and create a friendly and helpful personal connection with them.


Listen & Respond
One thing the digital environment is capable of is providing the customer with a channel for instant feedback. Whether that is via social media, website chat or email your customers will give you important feedback about their personal journey with you. Along with data collected via digital marketing you will be able to respond quickly both directly to the customer or via changes to your touchpoints, products and services. Seeing responses to their feedback creates an intensely personal journey for the customer where they become contributors to the architecture of their experience.


Anticipate their needs
Don’t wait for the customer to come to you…stay ahead of their needs by anticipating and bringing them what they want. This includes new and trending products/services, repeat service reminders (pest control, pet pampering etc) and new items based on browsing history and trends. Convenience is king! Today’s customers appreciate the convenience of having what they need at their fingertips.


Integrate Digital Experience with Organisational Experience
Understanding the customer is already likely to have been on the digital journey before they make direct contact with you is important. They will have expectations around service & products that have been set before they reach out to you. Pay attention to ensure the journey is consistent when they reach a more direct touch point. This includes branding, convenience, service levels and more. Where a slow loading web will lose a customer, so will a slow moving employee!


To remain competitive in the digital market all businesses need to integrate their marketing into multiple digital channels. And, as long as customer experience continues to be the driving force behind sales generation, businesses need focus on creating quality journey for the customer in order to stay competitive.

The Customer Journey

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Get Connected With Customers

Get Connected With Your Customers


The success of any business marketing depends on the ability to create and maintain a personalised connection with the target audience. More than just providing a product or service it’s about building trust, establishing an ongoing relationship and creating long term brand loyalty.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top picks on how you can connect and communicate with your customers.


a strong personal connection to your customers creates brand loyalty and edges out the competition


Build a brand

One of the most powerful long-term marketing strategies for small business is deliberate brand building. Successful brand building means your business is top-of-mind when a customer develops a need for your product or service. In other words, they think of you before they even search online.

Powerful brand identities are built on consistent and persistent use of a deliberate set of brand values, images and key messages. More than just a logo, this includes how you communicate with your audience, how you provide your products and services and how you position your business in the marketplace. Strong brands become part of the local landscape and carry the business through tough times.


Start a Conversation

Build a relationship and keep your business top-of-mind by staying in touch with your audience. Small businesses are community members and have the unique ability actively tap into the community heart. Keep them up to date with what’s happening and not just with promotions; offer hints and tips, snaps of events, people (staff and clients), videos, success stories and everyday activities the audience can relate to. Keep it fresh and interesting!



customers are happy to engage with your business, where they see value in the relationship



Be Where They are:

Advertising on Television and Radio can be targeted to reach your customer base when they are tuned in to particular shows at particular times. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are perfect for keeping in touch and can be used to build a community audience.  And don’t forget – a large and increasing number of shoppers are browsing online before they buy. Get in front of them here with your Google business listing, web site and digital advertising (check out our free Digital Marketing Strategy offer HERE). You can also get out into your community and be seen at your local Chamber of Commerce , community and sporting events where you’ll become ‘one of the community family’.


Direct Email

Direct Email shots are still a cheap and effective way to stay in touch. Create a newsletter, send useful information, promotional offers and business updates. To do this you’ll need to create a way to collect user details – often at the point of sale, on your website or social media page. Use a professional service such as Mailchimp or Sendgrid that allows for people to Unsubscribe and also provides analytical information on deliveries, opens and user responses.  More info HERE.


Become the expert

Offer your industry expertise, news and views on your site as a blog and link to each post from your social pages. This provides value in several ways – it sets you up as being a respected expert in your area, offers something of value to readers for free, sends visitors to your web site and helps to boost your web site rankings.


It’s a two way street!

Having regular contact with your target market provides the additional benefit of feedback you can use to help shape your offering. Hearing what people think, feel, want and need gives you the ability to respond quickly. What’s more you’ll be able to keep up with current trends and changes to the marketplace. As well as market feedback don’t forget to collect reviews and testimonials from your existing customers. Sharing a testimonial is a great way to build your brand and establish rapport with your customer base.


Aim for regular contact.

Customer relationship building is an ongoing process that pays dividends in the long term. For some, lack time or experience with social media and the web can make using these channels difficult.  However infrequent customer contact leaves more space for competitors to move in and establish the relationship for themselves. Some businesses assign this important activity to an in-house employee, others enlist the help of professionals, in whole or in part as needed.  This can begin with a simple planning and strategy session, to individual campaigns or longer term activities.


If you’d like some help to connect with your customers talk to one of the team at SMP. Book a free strategy session HERE

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Questions Answered


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes all marketing that occurs across electronic devices using the internet. It includes social media, search engines, direct email, websites, search engines and online video such as YouTube.

When someone talks to you about Digital marketing it could be marketing that happens across one or more of these channels and can include advertising, blogging, search engine optimisation, social media interaction and web site development.


Why use Digital Marketing?

The number of people using the internet to shop, browse, read and connect continues to grow.

Usage has changed even more during Covid-19 with people spending more time online, purchasing a wider range of items more often.  In addition, this global event has seen more NEW users coming online the browse and shop than ever before.

Digital Marketing gives you the ability to reach more people right where they are.


What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

It’s Cost Effective:
Digital Marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing channels where it can be harder to compete with larger market players. This medium allows small businesses to develop more focused targeting strategies that give them more for their marketing budget, and – with better results.

It’s Highly Targeted
Digital Marketing can be carefully targeted to identify location, gender, age bracket, browsing and shopping habits and even the device being used. The result is the ability to create a better match between your business products and services and a more highly qualified customer.

It Reaches Mobile Users:
The percentage of the Australian population using smartphones has jumped from 43.7% to 72.78% in just eight years (Statista) and is forecast to continue increasing.  Most buyers start their purchase by looking online first giving you the ideal opportunity to make first contact with them. Digital marketing reaches users no matter where they are – at work, home, even while waiting in the doctors surgery.

It Connects your business with your customers:
Your digital marketing allows you to start a conversation with your customer. Not only does it build brand recognition and awareness, it also provides you with valuable feedback on customer needs and wants.

It Provides measurable feedback:
Digital marketing analytics provide you with instant feedback giving you crucial information about your reach and audience response. Access to this data means you can adjust your campaigns in real-time for more effective results. The benefit to this is two-fold – you get better results and you get more bang for your marketing dollar.


How to get started

The best place to get started is by mapping out a sound digital strategy that considers your business, goals, budget and your target audience. The next stage is implementation with a process of ongoing results measurement and adjustment to fine tune targeting.

If you’re a bit unsure about how you can use Digital Marketing or how to get started on your strategy, book a FREE Digital Marketing Strategy with our Digital Marketing Team.

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6 Marketing Strategy Tips

6 Marketing Strategy Tips To Stay Competitive

There are two sides to every coin and while COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the economy and business, there’s nothing like a shake-up to cause us to dust off our thinking caps and freshen things up!

Now is the time to review your marketing strategy and really fine tune your activities in order to secure your position in the market and ensure the longevity of your business.

Here’s our 6 tips to help with your business marketing during these tough times.


Refocus, rather than cut your spending

Historically, research has shown that business that cut spending and resources during a recession lose market share and find it harder to recover, while those who improve strategies and maintain or improve spending outperform in the short term and come out the other side in a much stronger position. While these are difficult times, there is also a valuable opportunity to reassess your customers, the marketplace and your offering. For example one thing we’ve learned from the impact of  COVID-19 Isolation is that consumers are shopping online more and for a wider range of items. There are also more NEW shoppers online than ever before. This creates a great opportunity for digital advertising– a really cost effective and very responsive method of marketing [see more on Digital Advertising here] and also for selling products and services through an online platform.


Grab the opportunity to increase your competitive lead.

Because many businesses have instinctively cut their marketing and advertising spend, there is a decrease in marketing ‘noise’ across the board which provides an opportunity at several levels:

  • With less noise, it’s easier for you to stand out and gain more attention, allowing you to grab more market share.
  • Being ‘present’ in the marketplace builds brand equity and promotes an image of stability, strength and assurance, giving your customers confidence in you now, and for the future.
  • This is a great time to innovate and introduce new products, services and enhanced customer experiences.
  • This is also a great time to fine tune and target your market positioning as a platform for future marketing and to secure more market share.

Think of this like a marathon, while others in the market-place slow down their marketing efforts you have an opportunity to gain business and open a lead. Once the economy starts to improve and marketing noise increases, those businesses who have fallen behind will find it very hard to close the gap.


Avoid price wars…innovate and add value instead

Price wars erode profits, can’t be maintained and are very difficult to recover from. Instead of competing on price – find ways to innovate and add value. While some shoppers and products are price sensitive, brand loyalists love an opportunity to choose their favourite product or services where they perceive greater value is offered. You can do this by improving service, simplifying processes, including additional features, advice or services, including delivery or bundling with other products. It’s inspiring to see the innovative ideas appearing as a result of our recent isolation; online fitness challenges, interactive learning, greater use of digital appointments and so much more. Get online and see what others are doing to help generate ideas for your business.


“Add value and create the perception of MORE”


Join Forces

Joint marketing is a great way to add value and get more for your marketing dollar. Joint marketing is a partnership between your business and other businesses where your products or services are complimentary and/or have the same target audience. It allows you to share marketing costs, add value for the customer and reach a wider audience. A good example in this climate of isolation, would be a fish and chip shop teaming up with a gourmet ice-cream outlet and uber eats to provide a home delivered family meal package.


Love your existing customer base

If you haven’t already, this is the time to get in touch and build your relationship with your existing customer base. Use your communication channels to let them know you’re there for them, how you are responding to events, how you can be of service and how they can do business with you. It’s ok if your communication is not sales based –  part of your focus is to maintain customer confidence, loyalty and market share so when things begin to find a new normality and spending activity starts to rise, your business remains top of mind with your customer base. Easy ways to stay in touch include Social Media, newsletters, Email, texting and in some cases even by phone! Read more about Using an EBlast To Keep In Touch


Make sure you can be found online

With more people spending time online it’s important that;

  • your business can be found easily and
  • your online presence is up to date and reflects the right image and message.

Simple strategies for Search Engine Marketing are incredibly effective to ensure your business appears to searchers for the right search terms. Keeping your site updated with relevant content, fresh branding and great value offers also increases sales opportunities and branding equity.


Ready, Set, Go!

By massaging your marketing strategy and making clever and efficient use of your marketing budget you’ll be ensuring your business is competitive and durable during difficult times.

Need some help generating ideas for your marketing strategy? Get in touch with our team for an obligation free consult to get started!

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How smart businesses are beating the isolation downturn

Out of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are beginning to see the emergence of new consumer spending trends and alongside that, some great business innovation to meet the challenge of the times.

Savvy business owners have taken fast action to keep in touch with market-place activity and gather important information about customer behaviour.

Here’s what we know:

More new shoppers are now appearing online.

Online shoppers are looking for access to more products and services online than ever before

Shoppers in isolation have more time to look online for availability of products to meet their needs. While they are online they are exposed to more digital advertising, more shopping sites and more opportunities to order online. Combine that with the great Aussie spirit to support local economies in times of need and you have the perfect opportunity to sell online.


There are now more NEW shoppers online than ever before

Enforced isolation has seen many new shoppers getting online to shop for the first time. That means an expanded market.


There are still many businesses that are not selling online

Many community businesses have not taken the step to get their products and services selling online. That means greater access to the buyer for those who do.


“quick acting businesses are turning browsers into buyers”


This information has allowed business owners to set up systems to provide goods and services using new channels and methodologies. Some quick moving businesses are already taking advantage of this opportunity get online and turn these ‘browsers’ into buyers. Those who do, are finding their preconceptions about selling online are not what they thought.


Selling Online is quick and cost effective to setup and run

A simple Ecommerce solution is one of the most cost-effective selling solutions today. As an investment in generating sales now AND future-proofing your business it’s probably the best bang for your marketing buck around (along with Digital Advertising…but that’s another blog post…)


It collects important customer information

Online stores allow you to collect important customer information including contact details, browsing and buying habits. This allows you to provide better service and actively market to your existing customer base. Some ECommerce systems even make automatic recommendations to your browsers based on their purchase history.


It puts you in front of your competitor’s customers

Getting your business in front of the online buyer gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Where your competitors are not online the way is open for you to introduce new buyers to your business. If your competition IS online this is an opportunity for you to invite their customers into your store for comparison.


Allows you to inform as well as sell

If you have developed new strategies around your goods and services, such as delivery, online teleconferencing or new procedures around delivering services this is the perfect way to let the buyer know how you are now able to meet their needs. Tie this in with an ECommerce site and you can capture the sale on the spot.


More about getting your business selling online

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Using an EBlast To Keep In Touch

Direct Email Marketing

An EBlast is a newsletter style email sent to a bulk audience at one time.
It will allow you to connect with your clients to tell them how they can still do business with you.

Reach them where they are; at home or at work and give them a pathway back to your business.

These communications are usually sent to a bulk Emailing list, either one collected by your business or sometimes to a purchased list.



7 Reasons an EBlast works 

  1. Reaches your audience where they are.
  2. Opens a pathway for you to create sales
  3. Increases traffic to your website
  4. Targets your audience with personalised content
  5. Grows stronger customer relationships
  6. Builds credibility and brand recognition
  7. Cost and time effective


Top tips for successful email marketing.

  1. Provide valuable and relevant content for your customer.
  2. Keep it brief and easy to read.
  3. Include relevant links to your website within the email content (drives your web traffic)
  4. Use a professionally designed template (for consistent branding).
  5. Keep the content interesting, useful and relevant
  6. Don’t overdo it! Sending too many emails will cause your readers to Unsubscribe!
  7. Always provide an unsubscribe option


How To Get Started

  1. Make it a habit to collect an email address from your clients at the point of sale or via your website. This will be the most effective list as your readers have opted in voluntarily. Segmenting your list by product or service allows you to fine tune your Eblast marketing even further.
  2. Create a schedule that fits in with your marketing activities so you can prepare and check content before sending.
  3. Know what you want to achieve for each Eblast you send and check results after sending. If it is a newsletter, make your content relevant and interesting. If you are promoting a sale or event, be certain to include a strong call to action that can be used as a measure – this might be a link to click on or a code to use during a purchase.
  4. Treat your unsubscribers with respect. After each campaign make sure you remove any unsubscribers completely from your list so they do not receive any further emails from you.


The Eblast still has a useful and effective place in your marketing tool kit, allowing you to reach your audience directly in their mailbox. Your email has a longer life than a social media post and can be more directly targeted to your existing customer base. If you are not sure how to get setup using this channel,  contact us for a free strategy meeting to get the ball rolling.

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