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How smart businesses are beating the isolation downturn

Out of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are beginning to see the emergence of new consumer spending trends and alongside that, some great business innovation to meet the challenge of the times. Savvy business owners have taken fast action to keep in touch with market-place activity and gather important information about customer behaviour. Here's what ...

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Using an EBlast To Keep In Touch

Direct Email Marketing An EBlast is a newsletter style email sent to a bulk audience at one time. It will allow you to connect with your clients to tell them how they can still do business with you. Reach them where they are; at home or at work and give them a pathway back to ...

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Get your website to rank higher in Google… install an SSL certificate

What is it? Whenever you see a website’s URL that starts with HTTPS, it means the website is secured by an SSL encryption/certificate and it’s safe to transfer sensitive information (e.g. credit card number, bank information, etc.) using the website. By installing an SSL certificate on your website, you show visitors that your website is ...

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Google brings advertising to Maps as it revamps for mobile world

Google claims that half of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets, while location-related mobile searches have grown 50% faster than all other queries on mobile meaning marketers must reassess how they use mobile to add a local element. The company said that almost one-third of all mobile searches are related to location. ...

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SEO, the basics

Good SEO (search engine optimisation) practitioners are aware of one undeniable truth: They are never finished learning. Whether selling a product, writing a blog, or showcasing your services, every business needs a good website. You need to optimise your website and content to ensure that your website ranks well in Google and other popular search ...

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Survey Shows Aussie Small Businesses Misunderstand Marketing

A recent survey of Australian small business owners has revealed that nearly half want to know how to use marketing to generate new leads, while almost a third are most concerned with attracting clients and marketing their business. The survey, conducted by marketing education company Basic Bananas, found that small business owners simply don’t understand ...

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